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549. Was the puppy vaccinated too early?

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Dear Dr Sing

I have emailed you under the subject 9 week old sheltie puppy. I need you advice on another problem regarding vaccination. My puppy was vaccinated between 4th and 5th week by the breeder. The second vaccination was scheduled this Friday 19 Aug when the puppy is 9 weeks old. The problem is two or three days after I brought the puppy home, I brought him to a vet near my place because I found a tick on the puppy, at the same time also to consult the vet on bits of blood stain in mucous found when the puppy poops. The vet prescribed antibiotic, probiotic, kaopecin, spot on tick remover, deworm tablet for my puppy as treatment,and advise on cutting milk powder from its diet. During the consultation, the vet mentioned that the puppy was vaccinated way too early and I should postpone the 2nd vaccination till the puppy is 3months old. I am not sure if this was proposed because the puppy is under treatment or just to put the vaccination back on schedule.

I called up the clinic that did the 1st vaccination for the puppy and was told that they allowed vaccination for the puppy at 4-5 weeks old after examining the puppy to be health and the puppy was considered of good size, so no problem for that.

The puppy is fine now with firm stools except for the spot on tick remover which I will be applying tomorrow.

Could you advise me whether to proceed with the 2nd vaccination as scheduled by the vet who did the 1st shot or listen to the vet who treated the puppy for tick and soft stools.

Thank you

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Thank you for your e-mail. It is difficult to advise as each puppy's immune status is different.
It seems that some vets in Singapore and in Australia have their own recommendations. I have had seen Australian vets recommending vaccinations more than 8 weeks after the first one.

Much depends on the disease situation and immune status of the puppy and whether the dam has had updated vaccination.

My personal recommendation for puppies bought from Singapore breeders (in Pasir Ris) will be a booster vaccinations 2-3 weeks after the first one. This is based on the vaccine brand I use and on this vaccine manufacturer's advices. 3 vaccinations are advised for the puppy.

In your situation, I cannot be more specific as much is unknown about the origin of your puppy and its updated health status. Therefore, you will need to take one of the vet's advices.

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