Wednesday, August 10, 2011

535. My three dwarf hamster patients - body odour, amputee, breast tumours

Today, August 11, 2011, I post my summary case report of my 3 dwarf hamster patients as I had written smaller case reports in the past weeks on the follow-up nursing care by the owners after surgeries.

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We all love happy endings. Owners who diligently observe their older hamsters for lumps and bumps will be less stressed out and save money if they get such lumps and bumps excised by their vets early. If their vet says: "Wait-and-see", then it is wise to seek a second and third opinion. In my experience, tumours don't disappear spontaneously. I did have a report from a hamster owner that the big tumour on her hamster (one of my hamster reports) disappeared after dieting or change of food. That was the feedback. In reality, tumours don't disappear and need to be excised early.

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