Wednesday, August 10, 2011

534. Sunday's interesting cases

Aug 7, 2011
Tea cup poodle 3 months had diarrhoea. Young couple fed it something new after purchase. Started to vomit and became comatose on Saturday despite treatment. On Sunday, I switched to IV dextrose saline. He stood up, looked OK. Later in the evening he passed away. Stick to what the seller advised. No new food. Stresses

Aug 9, 2011 National Day
Maltese could not stop scratching frequently for the past month. "Shampoos, I used all types. What's the best?"

July 31, 2011
My assistant Min got his right thumb bitten by an old cat with kidney disease. He was transferring the cat out of the cage. As Dr Vanessa and I did not see him doing it, we were puzzled as to why the old cat sunk its canine deep into his right thumb. Dr Vanessa took him to a doctor. He said: "No need". But it is important as cat bites can be infectious.
He went and got 3 stitches to stop the bleeding.

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