Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iPhone 4 or an Android phone

2 weeks ago, I decided to upgrade myself from the conventional mobile phone which was good for nothing but useful to send and receive calls. I could not surf.

iPhone 4 is already one year old. The Samsung was a new model. So, brand-name or the latest technology? iPhone 5 may come soon but maybe not.

I was much tempted to take the brand-name. But it is never good to do it when the brand name does not bother to upgrade and lose to its competitors. So, I took the Samsung. The HTC was sexy but it had caused me loss as it malfunctioned some 3 years ago when I first got one (I could write instead of thumb). The company took months to repair and the problem of hanging came back again. As you can see, good performance counts even in mobile phone sales and service.

Same tough competitions exist for the 45 vet clinics now existing in Singapore. Brand name clinics definitely lose out in numbers to the new ones with sexy renovations and frills. And that attract many younger pet owners.

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