Wednesday, April 13, 2011

403. New anaesthetic gas machine

April 13, 2011.
I got a new anaesthetic machine vaporiser as the old one had leaked at the bottom. There is a hole on the lower right, hissing oxygen and depleting my oxygen tank. This vaporiser is only 3 years old. But I don't want it repaired. I bought a new one as gas anaesthesia is very useful and very safe, esp. for old dogs.

The vaporiser started hissing oxygen 3 days ago on a Saturday. All gas operations ceased and I had to get the experienced man to service but Mr Goh was in Malaysia doing some vet clinics set up there. So, on Wednesday (yesterday), I told him to treat urgently as I did not want to buy a vaporiser from his competitor. I support Mr Goh as he needs the help. If one does not support the small technical person who specialises in vet machines, he will go out of business and the vet community will be much worse. The big boys are not interested in vet machines anyway. Sales persons can't service.

"It is only $8,000," my Myanmar friend James said. "Throw away the old one. Even if you give to me, I don't want it. It is hard to repair in Myanmar." James is starting his clinic in Yangon soon. A few weeks ago, I offered him my old Shoreline veterinary surgery table which costs $7,000 to purchase as I bought a new one. He said no but his wife later said yes. So, there was much unhappiness with the

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