Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vomiting and diarrhoea

Vomiting and diarrhoea in dogs may not be a one or two-day cure. Prevention of dehydration using IV saline and treatment with IV antibiotics and drugs are the ideal way to treat such cases. Blood tests were taken in this case. The dog was hospitalised for 3 days. My associate sent the dog home as he had recovered. The next day the distressed owner came back to say that the dog was vomiting. The stools were soft and had white specks (medicine tablets probably). A few spots of blood. So, I got the dog hospitalised and x-rayed. X-ray revealed no big foreign bodies. "Better to hospitalise more than 2 days," I advised my associate vet. "I will bear the responsibility of complaints if the dog dies." Defensive medicine is sometimes necessary.

An X-ray would have to be taken if the dog continues vomiting after 2 days.

If the dog dies and x-rays were not taken, there may be a case of negligence or incompetence. We try to save money for the young lady who was cost-conscious, but sometimes, vomiting can be longer than 3 days and sending the dog home to save on costs may be of good intentions. But in a complaint or litigation, it counts for nothing if the dog has had died and no x-rays had been taken. Blood test did reveal a low platelet count and this could be toxaemia.

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