Thursday, December 2, 2010

259. Dog biting groomer

A young lady groomer was hospitalised because the Alsatian cross bit her face during grooming. The dog had a history of biting people but the groomer had groomed him before with no problems.

Why do some older dogs start biting people? Recently some young men ganged up to kill a young man in a staring incident in Singapore. This murder and attack was not the first case in Singapore. So what happened? Why are males involved?

Something abnormal had happened to change their behaviour to become anti-social. As for the groomer, who would be paying for her medical and surgical bills? The employer or the dog owner?

The dog owner did not want to put the dog to sleep. "She wants to protect the dog," the groomer's employer said to me yesterday. Nobody can go near this caged dog. Not even the owner whose children had been bitten. What is the solution?

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