Tuesday, September 28, 2010

205. Vet Surgery: Voiding urohydropropulsion in dogs and cats

Perth, Australia 10.30am

What is urohydropropulsion? During my undergraduate days some 30 years ago, there was no such term.

Basically it means pumping saline into the bladder (3ml/kg) and suck out the fluid together with the small uroliths (urinary stones) with a catheter. The stones in the bladder are too small and therefore no surgical removal is needed.

ANAESTHESIA. May or may not be need.
POSITION. 2 methods described in Small Animal Clinical Nutrition 5th edition.

POSITION 1. Hold the dog or cat upright so that the vertebral column is upright. The urine and stones will be at the bottom (neck) of the bladder.

POSITION 2. Lateral recumbency.

In both position, catherise, irrigate with saline (3ml/kg), massage or press bladder to shake up the stones, suck out the saline + stones with a syringe. X-rays to check if all are taken out but not all small ones can be seen.

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