Tuesday, September 28, 2010

204. Client Advices: Prescription Diet s/d canine

Perth, Australia, 10.06 am.

After surgical removal of the struvite urinary stones or for medical and dietary treatment, how much should the owner give the dog/day?

Took some time just to read about Canine Struvite Urolithiasis case studies in the Small Animal Nutritition by Hand et. al, 5th Edition and the following is some general guidelines for Toa Payoh Vets in advising on Prescription Diet s/d to dogs

1. Puppy X-breed, 9 weeks, 5 kg. 700kcal (2.83MJ) 1/2 can 3x/day
2. Rottweiler, 5 years, 41 kg 1,800kcal (7.5MJ) 1.5 cans 2x/day
3. German Shepherd, 12 years, 27kg 1,150kcal (4.8MJ) 1 can 2x/day

Antibiotics from 14-30 days and review using urine cultures
Monthly urine analysis (check for UTI) and blood tests (esp. serum urea nitgrogen, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium and alkaline phosphatese)
Monthly x-rays of kidney (V/D view), bladder (lateral views)

Specialised tests like double-contrast cystography (to check out anatomic abnormalities of the bladder, obstruction of urine flow from kidneys), retrograde positive-contrast urethrocystography (to check out anatomical abnormalities of the urinary tract to the prostate gland area) if there is recurrent uroliths or UTI.

Back to normal commercial food for puppy as soon as X-rays show no stones. For adult dogs, give prescription food for one more month after negative X-ray results.

No commercial dog treats or snacks.

Very few Singapore clientele comply with the above instructions. It could be due to economic reasons. Urine is taken by cystocentesis. Voiding urohydropropulsion is used in cases where the uroliths are small.

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