Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rotting flesh smell of right ear in 12-year-old Shih Tzu

Surprisingly, a young couple brought in a Shih Tzu with multiple warts. One big bleeding wart on the left ear.

"My vet does not do surgery on weekends, so we come to see you." the busy couple has only 6.30pm to 7 pm to see me. But today is Wednesday.

This is the second case of a dog owner who had been to the vet for the past few years with ear infections, so stinking but no cure. I inserted a cotton bud which came out of the vertical ear canal with bright yellow pus and strong stink.

"My vet would clean the ears and in bad smell, give an injection. We spent a lot of money over the last 4 years. The dog keeps shaking his head daily."

"How long the smell return?" I asked. "Is it over 2 weeks."
"No," the wife said. "A few days."

"A solution will be ear surgery." I got the Sheltie inside for them to see the surgery which was done as it is hard for the couple to visualise the procedure. I showed the horizontal canal opening. The Sheltie's left ear was operated some 8 days ago and the ear canal was clear. No head shaking. However, there was still some pain in the ear canal as the Sheltie moved away as I touched the opening of the horizontal ear canal.

1. Clipped bald
2. Take blood and urine for tests.
3. Irrigate ears
4. Electosurgery to remove warts. Count the number of warts. Marker pen.
5. Goes home with antibiotics for 14 days.

6. 10 days later, right ear canal wall opened up.

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