Wednesday, August 11, 2010

160. What to do after surgery to remove testicular tumour?

Lab Retriever, Male, 6 years. Right undescended testicular tumour and atrophied right testicle removed 5 days ago. Greyish-white, large sized and multi-nodular suggested Sertoli cell tumour. To wait for histopathology on malignancy or no malignancy of cells.

The owner asked about post-op management.

This depended on blood test results. Significant findings are:
1. No disorders of liver and kidney function. Glucose is normal.
2. Haematology: Low haemoglobin and red cell count. Low PCV. Very low platelets count. Platelet clumping noted.

Urine results
1. pH=7.0, SG 1.027.
2. Abnormal findings: Protein 2+, Glucose 1+, Blood 4+, WCC >2250/uL, RBC 900/uL, epithelial cells 1053/uL. Bacteria 3+
Bad infection of bladder, prostate (painful and enlarged during rectal palpation), kidney localised as total blood WCC OK. Had been given IV Vit K1 in drip earlier.

1. Had been fed meat, rice 1X/day in the past. Very thin. Increase to 2x/day
2. Good quality premium dog food dry to be added. 1 egg/day for 14 days.
3. Antibiotics for next 14 - 20 days. UTI + prostatitis + bone marrow depression.
4. Review in 14 days.

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