Saturday, August 14, 2010

Generalised ringworm - thin husky

Sometimes a thin dog takes a longer time to recover.
"My Husky has been itchy >2 months. He scratches. He bites his tail. Have you got an e-collar for him?"

"E-collar is no use if you don't solve his skin problem."

"Groomer had clipped him bald. I believe the groomer's equipment is dirty. My vet said ringworm and gave me one big white tablet a day for my dog for 3 weeks."

"What's the name of the tablet?"
"I don't know," the marketing man was as slim as his Huskie.
"Did you follow up with your vet?"
"No, he did not ask me to come back after one month."

Microscopic exam of hairs. - ringworm
Anal sac full of thick grey oil when Mr Saw expressed the gland. "What is anal gland?" I explained to him that the infected gland caused his dog to bite his tail and rub backside on the floor. "Sometimes I see blood on the floor," the man in his 40s said to m.

1. Clipped bald including the head.
2. Irrigate ears.
3. Review in 1 month's time unless he is happy with skin.

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