Saturday, August 14, 2010

eyeball prolapse 10-year-old shih tzu


Shih Tzu, Female, 10 years, 7 kg
27.7.10 eyeball prolapse with extensive corneal ulcerations
Lateral canthotomy, eyelids stitched. Eyeball was pushed back.
Owner wanted to take home immediately despite advice.
At home, the dog could rub eye against cushion corners etc even though she wore an e-collar. Came back on Day 3 with all stitches loose. Re-stitch on 4.8.10.

Came back on 13.8.10. Eye all red. Dog bites. Warded 2 days til 15.8.10 (Sunday).
Corneal vascularisation seen at edge. Photo taken on 15.8.10. Eyeball no longer prolapsed but corneal ulcerations still not fully healed as this is an old dog. Need to explain to the young lady that old dogs, like old people, takes a very long time to recover from wounds. More than 4 weeks in many cases.

Owner advised that healing will take >4 weeks as the dog is old. In young dogs, healing will take <2 weeks normally. Owner will clip ear hairs as they irritate the eyeball (when enclosed inside the e-collar) in my observations. Since dog bites, it will be better if the gentle lady owner does her own clipping. She has a grooming set.
Continue treatment at home. Meloxicalm 0.5 ml/day oral as pain-killer. It will be difficult to review due to economic reasons.

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