Monday, August 23, 2010

176. E-mail discussions to client (toilet training)

As the dog grows older, it is harder to change. Below is my plan for you

Pom, Female, 15-month-old. Came for vaccination (8-in-one and proheart). Vomited after injection, so kept in the Surgery fo 2 hours..
Will pee and poop on the newspapers when left home alone in the balcony.
Pees everywhere in the apartment when left alone.

1. Confine to balcony and adjoining living room.
2. Neutralise all urine smell inside the apartment. Put white vinegar 1 part and 3 parts water in a spray bottle and spray clean the whole apartment.
3. Close all bedroom and kitchen doors for the next 2-4 weeks.
4. Newspapers to be placed in the living area too. Preferably with urine smell (2nd piece of newspapers from the balcony.)
5. No dry food for the whole day. Give with canned food. Dog is not skinny anyway. No water after 8 pm so she can control her bladder.
6. Feed 2x/day.
7. Remove all soiled newspapers (in the balcony and living room) immediately as dogs don't like to eliminate in soiled papers.
8. Praise when the dog pees on newspapers in the living area. Dog treats if the dog is motivated by treats.
9. Same routine for 2-4 weeks and let me know by e-mail

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