Sunday, August 22, 2010

175. Urine and blood tests important - 2 mum and daughter cases

"A vet cannot predict whether the dog will die or not." I said.
"Blood tests and urine tests are important in the aid to diagnosis."

Coincidental cases. Mum and young adult daughter

Mum brought in the dog. Daughter messaged while she was in clinic.
Shih Tzu keeps licking penile area. Urine incontinence. Had been treated for UTI and right perineal hernia repair. Yet he is not OK. Why? Needs blood test and urine test.

Urine - light yellow

Miniature Schnauzer, 2 years male, shivers for 1 hour yesterday. Working daughter brought in the dog. Why? Had a history of shivering after tick wash. A home groomer had come 2 weeks ago to the apartment as the dog had ticks. But the groomer refused to let the mum and daughter watch.

"He never humps or climbed our legs when we are around," the daughter said. I noted that the penile tip is red and inflamed. Pain in right ear horizontal canal, L/S spinal area (slight pain). Allergy to shampoo or environment? Excessive ear hairs trapping dirt and "ticks" inside the ear canal?. Head shaking for past 3 months, the daughter volunteered the new info.

Fits of unknown cause? Distemper encephalitis? So what is he problem?

Urine - orange yellow

I took pictures as they were contrasting.

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