Wednesday, August 4, 2010

150. Cat scratched the vet

White cat. 13-year-old. Not eating for past 2 days. Owner was free at 7 pm, so I waited for him.

"Open your mouth," the man in his 50s shouted at the cat. "Some bad breath". Surprisingly this cat growled and hissed but did not scratch him.

I open her mouth to examine for ulcers. No tongue ulcers. Gingivitis. In an instant the cat sunk her claws into my left middle finger. 2 deep wounds. My assistant got me the swab and tissue. I washed the wound well as some people do get cat scratch fever.

The claw outer sheath fell on the consultation table as the cat withdrew her claw. This was a cat that had given warnings but I had to open her mouth to check why she was not eating.

Dehydrated as neck skin stood up 30%. Gave IV drip. Will do dental tomorrow.

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