Tuesday, August 3, 2010

147. Advices on dental tartar

A mother with four children - 12 years, 15 years, 19 years and 23 years. 2 Malteses at 2 years old.

Vaccination. Done.
Dental scaling. Lots of brown tartar but teeth are still solid and strong.

Questions asked:
1. Yearly dental scaling? Not necessary if no tartar. Just check up.
2. Must brush teeth daily? Yes, if practical. If not, every 3 days.
3. Dog does not like brushing. What to do? Use thumb brush or rag to rub back teeth. Use treats to motivate.
4. How to prevent tartar? Presently the dogs eat chicken meat mainly. "Add dry dog food for the dog to chew," I said.
"My dogs will never eat dry food," the mother said.
"Even you will never eat biscuits if forced to," I said to the caring mother. Her 15-year-old is the naughtiest and always wants to go out." That's due to her hormones, I said. "She wants to meet boys. You need to spend some time with her, e.g. exercising the two dogs, bonding with her, getting to know her and reducing your weight too. Just take one dog down at a time since two dogs are noisy."
I said: "The trick is to add 5% to chicken meat, gradually increasing to 50% after one month. Delay dinner as the dog eats once a day."

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