Saturday, May 15, 2010

Preventive Medicine

SUNDAY CASE - May 16, 2010
Miniature Schnauzer, Male, 6 years
Annual vaccination + proheart vacc

Bladder palpated. Body shivered when lower abdomen is palpated. The 17-year-old daughter saw the vibrations. "He has some abdominal pain" I said. "Maybe a bladder infection."
"Can smell his urine from far away," the father said.
"Does the dog urine-mark?" I asked.
"Yes. He would pee a lot first and then urine-mark every spot even if he has nothing to pee."
"Does he drink a lot?"
"No," the father and daughter replied. "How to make him drink more and how much he should be drinking a day?"
"Exercise will make him thirsty. Some dogs love iced water. Put ice cubes into the water," I said.

Dogs over 2 years need a preventive programme, not just annual vaccination.
1. Complete Blood test
2. Urine test to check for struvite stones and bacteria.


Much depends on the parents.
Urine test agreed. Urine catheter, collect dark yellow cloudy urine to be sent to the Lab.

3. Read about prevention of urinary struvite stones.
4. 3-monthly or 3-6 monthly urine test will be best but no owners will do it.


How long after neutering will my dog stop urine marking?

"Now, 6 years old. It will take many weeks to a year."
1. Probably 1 year
2. Schedule. lst month - urine mark same area. Change to another location

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