Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to identify an issue from its fundamentals?

Thin 2.5 kg

"Every morning, the cat will meow loudly for his breakfast. My wife will kick me out from the bed to prepare his cat food," the father told me when I asked whether the cat had been eating normally. I could feel the spines of backbones sticking out onto my fingers. The cat had two big holes in her left flank. Holes of 5mm x 5 mm.

The younger daughter said: "Two years ago, you said this cat would die of liver failure as she had not been eating for one month. She is very much alive!"

"If a cat does not eat for a long time, there is liver fat breakdown and soon the cat gets jaundice and dies. There must be some reason I said about liver failure."

"Yes," the father said. "The cat stopped eating because we got a small kitten in. You said to get rid of the kitten."

"Once the kitten left the house, this cat ate. So, it was stress."

Identifying an issue from its fundamentals is not easy.

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