Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can't house-train. Barks when confined, so let out

Case of the female 4-month-old poodle, 3rd vaccination and microchip

The niece who is a career HR girl had no time as she works long hours. Her mum dislikes the puppy. Tension in the relationship. Puppy is always crated in. Finally, gave the puppy to aunty who brought her in for 3rd vaccination. "My niece bought the puppy on impulse," she said. "Now I have to look after it."
"Why don't you sell the puppy back to the pet shop?" I said. "At a loss."
"My 10-year-old daughter will not part with the puppy" the mother said. "Her ankle always get nipped by the puppy. She will scream. The puppy will nip more."

BARKING NUISANCE. The puppy does not bark when not confined. So I asked "Where does the puppy sleep at night?" The mother said, "We put him in the kitchen and close the door." I asked, "Will the puppy barks non-stop?" The mother said, "Yes, but after some hours, she stops barking." So, you can see that there is a solution to barking control.

1. Common problem. Puppy barks loudly when confined in a cage. So, she is let out during the first week. Pees and poops everywhere. Headache of cleaning up for the mum.
2. Toilet area. Sometimes on newspapers. She likes to pee on the rug.

1. Confine to kitchen. Baby gate. For 2-4 weeks.
2. Put newspapers in 2 places. Change to new ones frequently.
3. Focus on newspaper training. Newspaper with urine smell in early stages.

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