Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 female hamster cases - lip ulcer and pyometra

Young lady. Hamster 1 year. Not eating. Right fore paw not putting down. Big swelling up to right shoulder was obvious. What's the problem?

1. Instant diagnosis: Right pouch impaction and/or abscess?
2. Right fore paw swollen 2 x compared to the left. Occasionally he does put weight on the right fore paw.
3. Not eating. Why?

Isoflurane gas anaesthesia. Hamster's pouch everted and food empty. Big ulcer. Took digital

Young lady starting her wedding gown rental business. Female, 1.5 years old, dwarf hamster had been passing blood for one month. "After antibiotics and Biolapis electrolytes were finished, the hamster started passing a pool of smelly red blood. Now, her back legs are hair-less. She eats and passes a lot of well-formed stools. When she lies down, a pool of red blood flows out. Her urine is normal and clear. What's the problem?

1. Instant diagnosis: Wet Tail? Rectal growth? Anal growth? "But stools passed out are normal and well-formed," the lady said.

2. I saw the patches of reddish brown blood on the tissue paper. Now the blood is much more smelly.

Is this a case of pyometra?

Today, v.vigorous scratching after spraying with disinfectant spray all over body. Already scratching for 2 weeks. After scratching, bites paws fo 2 weeks. Bathed by pet shop warm water. 50% less scratching. Can walk and run. Pupils not reactive to bright light.

Don't clean the rabbit with wet cloth with anti-bacterial Dettol.

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