Monday, July 8, 2024

5935. Vet Case. Severe generalised shell rot in a red-eared slider.

 SINGAPORE - 8 MAY 2024: A 3-year-old red-eared slider has abnormal pale yellow upper shell which has a hole in the midline. Her eyes are swollen and closed. She has severe generalised shell rot. 

SINGAPORE - 8 MAY 2024: A 3-year-old red-eared slider has a hole in her upper shell which is not normal dark green in colour. Swollen and closed eyes, no appetite. Severe generalised shell rot.

SINGAPORE - 4 JUN 2024: Generalised severe SHELL ROT in a 3-year-old red-eared slider. Its carapace (upper shell is yellowed and has a hole in the midline), eyelids are swollen and closed. 

SINGAPORE 4 JUL 2024: Normal SHELL in a 3-year-old red-eared slider after treatment for shell rot. Its carapace (upper shell is dark green), eyelids not swollen, eyes are open. Hole in mid-line shell.

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