Friday, July 5, 2024

5933. VET CASE. A community cat has tooth ache and bad breath.

 Vet 1 quoted $1,700. Community cat with salivation, bad breath and no appetite fed by Auntie for past 2 years.

Auntie has $400. Mavis (donor) pays $300 and lends Auntie $1,000 to be paid in 4 monthly instalments.

Auntie decided to get cat treated by Vet 1 although she has 50% lower fees from Vet 2. 

Auntie feeds a few community cats daily twice a day using her income as a cleaner.

Where: HDB estate in Singapore.
When:   3 Jul 2024

How it happened:  Mavis was in the area for recreation, met the Auntie. Mavis is a hamster lover and had 2 dwarf hamsters treated by me. Phoned me for quotation.

Why it means so much to me?

Community cats need to be fed to survive as food courts have had culled or banned them nowadays.
The feeder is usually an auntie who pays their food. Veterinary treatment usually need donations.
Auntie could have saved around $900 if treated by me.
Every dollar saved helps to sustain her feeding bills in the long term.  

Who are our community cats? Community cats are cats that reside in public spaces across Singapore. They tend to roam within a fixed neighbourhood where they are cared for by volunteer feeders. A good way to identify a community cat is to check if its left ear has been tipped.



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