Monday, February 12, 2024

5629. Community cat feeding and mental health

12 Feb 2024.
Community cats are very rarely seen nowadays. Volunteers rescue, sterilise, rehome and feed community cats near their workplace or home. 

1. Madam Piry Lim feeds about 60 stray cats in Mei Ling Street. Cost more than $2000 monthly.

2. Critics
2.1 Cats may defecate or urinate in public areas
2.2 Noise nuisance. Wailing.
2.3 Littering by cat feeders.

A ban on cats in HD flats since 1960s.

Abuse of community cats. SPCA investigated 261 cases of cat abuse, cruelty and welfare issues.


1. Looking after feline community cats may be a source of comfort and purpose for retires. Improve mental health.

2. animal companions reduce stress, fight loneliness and lower anxiety.

3. animal-assisted therapy.

4. community cats foster a sense of togetherness - caring for them through responsile feeding, neutering,
obtaining medical care and funding and rehoming.

4.1 Stray Affairs - animal lovers group work with migrant workers to feed and foster stray cats and dogs in industrial estates.  Shared mission bonds.

4.2. NTU Cat Management Network.  Own Telegram channel "Meows of NTU". 340 volunteer feeders in 5 clusters across NTU. 6200 cat enthusiasts share photos.

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