Friday, November 17, 2023

4956. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Sky Lantern released into the sky, Pingxi, Taiwan on 16 Nov 2023.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Sky Lantern released in Shifen, Taiwan on 16 Nov 2023

 Canon R5, AV, ISO 400, 83mm, f/8, 1/500 sec. Handheld. Take multiple shots.
14 Nov 2023. 2.33pm

Old Miner Towns – Jiufen & Sky Lantern (Shifen) Day Tour

Stroll the old street and enjoy local food such as taro balls in Jiufen and releasing sky lanterns in Shifen.

Let’s Make a Wish – Sky Lantern

Make a wish, write it on the lantern and let it fly. The sky lantern festival has long been used for people to pray for their wishes. During the Lantern Festival, around February and March each year, lanterns cover the entire sky of Pingxi.








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