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4129. A dwarf hamster squeals, squeaks and bites. Ventral dermatitis.

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A dwarf hamster squeals, squeaks and bites. Why?
-Ventral dermatitis


The proactive mother phoned some vets but they declined to treat this 9-month-old female dwarf hamster with a lower body moist, severely inflamed and itchy skin.  She found Toa Payoh Vets by surfing the internet. The parents and Eva came with a squealing and squeaking hamster (VIDEO FOOTAGE AS HOOK) on Thursday, 24 June 2020 to consult Dr Sing Kong Yuen. .

(FLASH BACK - HISTORY AND IMAGES)Two months ago, the 14-year-old young lady owner spotted a small red spot on the skin area near the right thigh. Her mother brought her to consult Vet 1 twice. The hamster bit her when she attempted to apply cream and give medication. Vet 1 did an X-ray of the right hind leg but there was no fracture.  The brother suggested putting the hamster to sleep.

"I would have the hamster put to sleep," the father said. "I have many expenses in caring for my old folks. I had spent around $300 with Vet 1 and there was no cure. However, I love my daughter. She loves the hamster and so I have no choice!"

"The hamster squeals and squeaks because she is in pain," Dr Sing said. "The whole of the lower body from the neck to the tail had become hairless, much inflamed to a fiery red. She bites to defend herself.

"Vet 1 had prescribed medication including a cream, but the hamster's continued to lick and bite the lower skin. This resulted in all hairs being depleted," (IMAGES)

"She needs anti-itch medication and skin washes to get rid of the infections like ringworm or bacteria, The hamster will be under gas anaesthesia to shave off all infected skin. Gentle skin washes daily and medication. The whole process takes at least a week.

Outcome on Day 1 at 6.30pm.
11 am 

6.30 pm.  No more panic when the nurses caught her to weigh. The skin is less inflamed. IMAGES


ADVICES TO HAMSTER OWNERS:  Small skin wounds near the lower body can become infected. The hamster tries to lick the wound but it becomes inflamed, wet and itchy. The more the hamster licks, the larger the skin area becomes inflamed. This condition is called ventral dermatitis. 

Consult a hamster vet early to get the wound treated. In severe cases, the hamster vet needs to  anaesthesize the hamster to clip away all infected hairs. Then he bathes the hamster in warm water to wash away the dirt and dead skin cells on several occasions and give anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to cure the hamster. It may take two weeks of in-patient treatment to get the lower body skin back to normal colour and no itchiness. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone 6254-3326, 9668-6468,,


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PT 1
Consultation, History & Treatment Plan
A 9 month old, female dwarf hamster arrived with fits of non-stop squealing. She had a generalized inflammation around the underside of her body. It started in April as a localized bald spot on the right thigh.

Differential Diagnosis
Vet 1 diagnosed it as dermatitis, a generalized skin irritation. They prescribed topical treatment. However, owner could not treat the hamster because it bites when being handled. In May, the constant licking, biting and soiled bedding had worsened and spread the infection. Owner brought hamster back to Vet 1. They prescribed revolution treatment, anti-inflammatory and anti-biotics but skin continued to worsen because hamster never let anyone treat her. Since the constant squealing of the hamster disrupted the household’s sleep and hamster was in so much discomfort, a family member suggested to euthanize her. After a month, in June, the owner wanted a second opinion at TPY Vets.

Diagnosis is ventral cellulitis. Ventral meaning the underside of the body. Cellulitis meaning an acute bacterial skin infection.

PT 2
Inpatient Treatment
Due to the difficulty of handling the hamster, hamster had to be hospitalized for at least a week. Hamster will be syringe-fed anti-inflammatory and anti-biotics twice a day. Once hamster is in less stress, she will be given gas anaesthesia. Hamster will be shaved to remove infected fur, bathed with warm water.

Prevention Tips, Advices & Discharge
How to prevent ventral cellulitis:

Another case study:

Friday, June 19, 2020

4128. Parvoviral infections in dogs - No vaccination usually the cause

19 Jun 2020


The Animal Lodge (TAL) is a facility for animal welfare groups, independent shelters, and pet farms. Located off Kranji Expressway (KJE) Exit 5 along Sungei Tengah Road, TAL contains 112 units housed within 20 two-storey blocks. It contains shared facilities such as dog runs, as well as commercial spaces. 

NParks/AVS is investigating a suspected outbreak of canine parvovirus with other possible viral co-infections at a boarding kennel. NParks/AVS is working with the affected premises to contain the spread of the disease. 

If you receive any animals from TAL for treatment, please exercise the necessary precautions. If you suspect any animals are infected with parvovirus, please advise the owners to adhere to good hygiene and biosecurity measures, to minimise the risk of spreading the disease.

Parvoviral infections in dogs - No vaccination or booster vaccination is usually the cause of this contagious disease. The vaccine is effective, but most Singapore dog owners do not bother with booster infections especially when they board the dogs.

Parvoviral test kit is useful for detection of parvovirus.

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4127. Aztech. Surgical Face Masks


Children's 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask ( 50pcs per box )

    • $30.00
    •     Nose bar adaptable for the perfect fit
    •     Low resistance to breathing for daily comfort use
    •     Hypoallergenic and hydrophobic
    •     BFE min 98% and PFE min 97%
    •     Non-Sterile
    For children 4 years old and above 
    *Do note that delivery will be from 30th May onwards*

    145mm x 95mm


    3-Ply Surgical Face Mask ( 50pcs per box )

      • $25.00
      •     Nose bar adaptable for the perfect fit
      •     Low resistance to breathing for daily comfort use
      •     Hypoallergenic and hydrophobic
      •     BFE min 98% and PFE min 97%
      •     Non-Sterile

      175mm x 95mm