Sunday, July 27, 2014

1429. Yesin Vet Students Talk - Aug 11, 2014. Blood in the stools - check for parvovirus

As many Singapore dog owners do not vaccinate their older dogs, it is best practice to check for parvovirus when a dog passes blood in the stools. I have such adult dogs who have been to boarding purging with blood in the stools. They were positive for parvovirus.

It may be deemed negligent of the vet to overlook the test for parvovirus which is a fatal disease. Inform the owner about the test and if the owner does not want it, the vet should record this in his case notes. Should the dog be diagnosed with parvovirus by another vet when the dog continues passing bloody stools, the owner and his family may complain that the first vet was incompetent. Keeping good medical records on such advices protects the first vet against claims for compensation.


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