Wednesday, May 1, 2019

3312. A 15-year-old parrot is not eating for 3 days

May 2, 2019  Thursday  10 am

Parrot, M, 15 yrs. Anorexic 3 days. Not drinking.
Soft stools with no solids unlike normal solid ones.
Fed sunflower seeds, nuts and various vegetables. Almonds added 6 days ago.

Other 3 parrots of similar ages are OK.

     Gastroenteritis due to new food. Other parrots not affected do not mean that almonds are of uniform quality. Do not feed almonds. Feed washed vegetables to get rid of insecticide.
Tube syringe feed antibiotics and multivit. Too old to be injected with antibiotics. In case, the parrot has a heart attack on injection. Therefore oral medication.

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