Sunday, January 13, 2019

3398. Rabbit sneezes over 2 years. 3rd opinion. x-Rays

Rabbit, lop-eared, M, 5 yrs   1.31 kg

Adopted as 4-year-old last year. Sneezing intermittently. "Snoring sound". No discharge. 

lst opinion.  Vet 1.  Eye discharge treatment. No nasal scope to check nasal passages.
2nd opinion for sneezing and   eye 'gunk'.  X rays - mineralisation in nasal cavities.  Blood test - low basophil count.  (0.26 x 10^9/L).   Normal  0.56 -2.12

The left eye is smaller in size than the right eye

Frequent sneezing and lethargy but eats

Blood test  - low basophils suggestive of allergies
X-rays - each nose has "mineralisation" masses near to both nares suggestive of foreign bodies

Soft tissue mineralisation should possibly be present in kidneys if it exists.

Rabbit was adopted one year ago when he was 4 yrs old. Had sneezing before adoption and in the past year, but not serious. Owner had given some medication or supplement. Seen 2 vets. No nasal scope able to remove the nasal masses inside both nares

Low basophil count suggestive of  "allergies" or reaction to masses inside the nostrils since a younger age.





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