Wednesday, November 13, 2019

3325. Relationship Advices to Young People: A zero-brained man

Dec 18, 2018

Advices to Young People: A zero-brained man

In a group, you may find a critical person who wants to show off to the boss or host at the expense of others, as illustrated in the following story. After dinner, the family members left the dining table to watch TV or do their own things. My host (Mrs Wong) was still at the dining table. My wife urged me to chat with Mrs Wong post-dinner. Normally I would not do so on seeing Mr Tan, an uninvited 74-year-old employee of Mrs Wong there.

"Why are you still here?" the stout old man’s small eyes squinted at me through his thick glasses. "I am here to converse with Mrs Wong" I was not surprised at his rudeness. Mrs Wong's family members avoided him like the plaque but that suited his purpose - to gain sole attention from Mrs Wong. 

"You are not an employee!" Mr Tan raised his voice when I sat down next to Mrs Wong. "You should be in the living area watching TV with the others!"  I was shocked at his declaration that only employees should be present post-dinner. Dinner at the boss' residence is not a perquisite of employment for Mr Tan. My wife and I were invited as Mrs Wong treated us as family. 

Mrs Wong took her eyes off her smartphone text messages and said, "He is my guest! Are you not feeling well now?" She stood and repeated the question. I kept quiet as this man was trying to provoke me again. Mr Tan took advantage as Mrs Wong would never stop an old man from sharing her delicious food.  After work, he just took a ride from Mrs Wong to her house for dinner. Unless he had disappeared to watch movies during office hours. No qualms about doing that as Mrs Wong still paid him in full. 

Mr Tan coughed as if he had water in his lungs. He got up saying, "I am not well. I will go home. He is a zero-brained man!"  Mrs Wong's sister said "goodbye" when Mr Tan proceeded to the main door.  "Don't ever say 'goodbye'," he told her off. "Say 'see you another time!'" He ought to say "thank you" but he could not care two hoots about his lack of manners.  

During a previous post-dinner chat, he tried to impress us with the numerous movies he had watched when he ought to be at work. He announced, "I watched 'Wonder Woman' 15 times". He queried us, "What makes this movie a blockbuster movie? What is its hook?" We were dumb asses. So he said, "All men want her, but one man wants her dead!".

Mrs Wong is not a movie buff but she participated as a good host ought to. I was silent as I knew he was not bothered with any movie comments from me. "You watched this movie?" he queried my knowledge about a movie that he rated highly. "Yet you cannot remember the plots!".  I did not retort. Why should I entertain him? Later, I told Mrs Wong that I do not clutter my brain with movie plots as there is a limit to what the brain can store. "Besides, Mr Tan watches some movies more than once!" 

Advices to young people. Being 69 years old, I had interacted with a few obnoxious persons. They run you down in front of your boss or host to prove they are smarter. They love to make fun of your traits or work performances. Try to stay calm when you encounter the bad people.

In conflicts, one can either attack, escape or make peace. For Mr Tan, I chose to "escape" as he does not want peace. I know Mrs Wong wished that I would speak up for myself sometimes as she would defend me when Mr Tan called me names. Mr Tan had advised her to get rid of the scroungers (my wife and I) as we were frequently invited to Mrs Wong's dinners.

Do not create conflicts with your colleagues or family members by attacking them frequently. If you persist in having a foul mouth, you will be like Mr Tan - a person whom all "shiam" (avoid)! You will be a bitter old lonely person with no friends or family. 

3324. Greater Caucasus tour - Armenia images

3323. Scandinavia tours - clouds seen

Jun 5, 2018. Scandinavia tour
Ferry overnight to Norway from Denmark. On board, I saw the following interesting images of the clouds.

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3322. A dwarf hamster has a right eyeball popping out

Nov 11, 2019

An unusual case. The hamster loves to sleep on the sand bath. The sand particles are fine dust usually and are used by the hamster to roll inside. Some sand must have penetrated the lower eyelid conjunctiva causing intense eyeball rubbing. The right eyeball pops out.


Thursday, October 31, 2019

3321. Drooling in old stray cats in Singapore



Other images

3320. Everted cheek pouch in a dwarf hamster

Surgical excision is the best option. If you delay surgery, the pouch becomes traumatised by the hamster's paw scratching and pulling. It becomes badly infected and smelly. The hamster stops eating, becomes dehydrated and passes away.

Sometimes, your vet may not want to perform anaesthesia and surgery on the dwarf hamster.
Pl phone us +65 254-3326 for appointment to do the surgery.

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3319. Intern Images - Singapore buildings

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

3318. The contractor's female spayed cat has a sniffling sound.

Thur Oct 31, 2019

The cat has a sniffling sound from the nose for some weeks. Good appetite and thirsty. No fever.
Gums may be slightly pale and tongue had ulcerations on the dorsal surface. Viral infection?

Physical examination of the chest, lungs and heart was normal.  No abdominal pain or swelling of organs.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

3317. Battle of two Oriental Garden Lizards on one tree - 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me'

Tue Oct 29, 2019

Both Oriental Garden Lizards sharing the same tree is a very rare occurrence for me. The bigger one was on the tree branches. The smaller one on the lower trunk. Today was my 2nd sighting in over 300 days of Oriental Garden Lizard encounters during my 2-km walking exercise.

During my first sighting, I returned to the tree one hour later. Only the smaller lizard was still on the tree trunk. Hence I presumed that the bigger one had jumped off as he was a coward despite his overwhelming size.

Can these two lizards receive telepathy from me?  This episode appeared to prove they can.

The bigger lizard read my thoughts: "You are a big coward. You are 5 times larger. Yet  you disappeared from the tree branches the last time I saw you. The smaller one down the tree trunk was still around. He has great courage!"  

The bigger lizard bobbed his head up and down as if doing "push ups". He puffed up his orange throat and pouches. He eyed the smaller one as he climbed down the branch to the trunk. The smaller one was not intimidated and stood his ground.

The frontal assault was sudden as I was leaving them alone after my pre-fight video. So I could only take images when I witnessed the assault as there was no time to video. In any case, my video footage would be jerky and not meant for the fast-moving battle of the two lizards.

The big lizard pounced on top of the smaller one, mouthed his abdomen, turned him head downwards. The big lizard anchored his long tail round the trunk while he threw his opponent on the trunk in a position to clamp his jaws on the victim's neck. He strangulated him. Death would show that I was presumptuous.  Both fell off the tree. The smaller lizard was motionless on the earth. I hurried forward.

The victor glared at me - his head swollen 5 times and his eyes blasting at me, ready to flee as I looked gigantic to him.

He scampered off. The smaller one was motionless. Was he dead?
I waited and waited. The smaller one slowly lifted his head. He was alive! My joy in seeing the foolhardy lizard was indescribable.

This "National Geographic" moment of the battle of two Oriental Garden Lizards reinforces my philosophy in life - stay away from confrontation although I may have my rights.

In real life, this means not responding to an aggressor who threatens me physically to a fight, by staring or by verbal bullying such as calling me "a man with no brains, a scrounger."

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

3316. Values

A Fiend's Diary succeeds in confronting some v uncomfortable questions about social expectations, behavioral norms and
personal crises.

Friday, October 25, 2019

3315. A 15-year-old Shih Tzu keeps getting blocked bladder for the past 2 months.

Sep 2017.


In Sep 2017, the owner consulted Vet 1.
Dysuria and dripping urine. Bladder moderately enlarged. No pain.
Operated by Vet 1.
One large stone had both struvite and ammonium urate compostion. Multiple small bladder stones have 100% ammonium urate.

On Hill's U/D diet for some time. Fed commercial canned food later.


July to Oct 2019.
Urine test - amorphous phosphate +
Owner does not want surgery to remove stone as the dog is very old
Urinary catherisation. Goes home a few days. Bladder blocked. Came back. Repeat urinary catherisation.

Video in Oct 25, 2019