Monday, December 10, 2018

3367. X RAYS. Two red-eared sliders are not eating for 2 months

TP 50560     F/15 yrs old  Ninja
Anorexia, no stools, swims lop sided to RHS. Complaint constipation.

Several weeks of syringe-feeding Critical care/pellet/multivit/neurobion.
Finally ate on her own. Owner persevere in syringe feeding. Still swims lop sided.

TP 50659. F/3 yrs old
Anorexia 2 months, less stools, mouth bleeding
Dec 9, 2018 review. Ate 40 pellets + canned salmon in water. No pooping aside from the first day we started soaking the food with the canned fish. Should we leave her in the water longer?

REPLY. Yes. 2x/day. Sunlight 9 - 11 am or 3 to 5 pm (weekends) as owner works during weekdays.

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