Saturday, November 17, 2018

3350*****. A young rabbit has deviated teeth - malocclusion

Nov 17, 2018

The owner wanted to consult me as he had researched the internet and saw similar cases of malocclusion and treatment in the rabbit in Toa Payoh Vets. His phone call showed his company's name as nowadays, such names are automatically shown by the smart phone. I was tempted to ignore such calls as they are usually tele-marketing calls. I did not and made an appointment to see him today, Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 at 11 am.


Right eye - No green stain during fluorescein stain test but white scars are seen in the cornea indicating old ulcers

Green stain shows a large corneal ulcer in left eye - leading to pain and tearing

Video  Day 1

Video Day 2

Came to Toa Payoh Vets as he saw Toa Payoh Vets videos during his rabbit research.
He had a family vet in Toa Payoh doing rabbits too. 5 rabbits.

2 months ago, he noted that the rabbit could not bite long strands of hay. "Sometimes he would try to bite the hay sideways with his cheek teeth. Other times, he would look for short strands," the man from central India told me. "So, I cut all the hay into short pieces and put in the bowl." 
"These short pieces might have fallen into his left eye, causing ulceration of the cornea," I deduced as very rarely do Singapore's dwarf rabbits get eye ulcers.  

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