Sunday, November 11, 2018

3343. Circum-anal tumours in a 11-year-old Siberian Husky

Nov 11, 2018

"I consulted 3 vets," the owner was frustrated as the vets would not want to operate on his Husky's large circum-anal tumours. One referred him to the senior veterinarian who had a long waiting list. "I was a medic in my National Service days. I know that this tumour excision surgery is no big deal!"
His wife googled and found that Toa Payoh Vets perform circum-anal tumour surgery.

"Why do you want the operation?" I asked. "Some owners will not bother till the tumours are gigantic and soiling the apartment."

"The tumours smelled bad," he lifted the dog's tail to show the 2 large solid spherical circum-anal tumours.


We phoned the owner, Nov 13, 2018  11am
"My dog is OK," the owner replied from his office. "He does not feel any pain and the stitches are all right."

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