Monday, October 8, 2018

3312. RESEARCH FIC. TO FOLLOW UP 3 MONTHS LATER. An 8-year-old male cat has blocked bladder again. Why?

Oct 6, 2018. Pasir Ris cat

Last night, vomited, cannot pee. Feeding dry and wet food.

Blood test - Total WCC 14 (5.5 - 19.5). No bacterial infection. Platelets 210 (300 -800). Toxicaemia?
                    Glucose 8.2 mmol/L    (4.4 - 8). May be due to illness and stress of FIC, FUS

Urine test   pH 8 (5-8), SG 1.0 (1.005 - 1.030)
Protein 4+, Blood 4+, Bacteria +, Crystal Nil.  WBC more than 900 (/ul).  RBC  more than 1800 (/uL)

Urinary catherisation. Inpatient 3 days. Baytril and tolfedine injections x 2 days.
Goes home on Day 4 with baytril tab, meloxicam syrup (4 days) and ACP 12.5mg (1/4 tab per day for 4 days for anti-spasmodic effect).

Advise: Royal Canin Urinary S/0 (no pork)  wet and dry


June 10, 2017. Blocked bladder 5 days ago. Treated at Toa Payoh Vets. Urinary catherisation.

No blood test or urine test to lower cost. I advised Royal Canin Urinary S/0 feeding. No urinary problem from June 2017 to Oct 2018. The couple stopped feeding the S/0 6 months ago. The commercial canned and dry cat food were less expensive and the cat loved it.

"This cat will come to me to be tickled," the husband said when he took the cat home on Oct 9, 2018 at 6 pm. I made a short video clip from my handphone.

"He is afraid of the female cat but is friends with the other male cat," he told me. "So, I kept him in my bedroom all the time. The female cat will attack him."

In this multple household, this cat is timid and prefers the husband.
"I googled for cat vet to treat my cat with difficulty in passing urine," he told me when I asked why he did not go to the nearest vet in North East Singapore. "I viewed your You-tube video of you cleaning a cat's ears and so I came to Toa Payoh Vets."

He felt more comfortable at Toa Payoh Vets than at the neighbourhood clinics. So he took the trouble and expense to come here when the cat has difficulty in peeing again.

"The day before, he suddenly let go a lot of urine," he told me. "Then the next day, he just could not pee. So I quickly rushed him to see you!"

I spoke to the busy working wife who returned my phone call. "Yes, you did advise me to feed Urinary S/O to prevent this urinary tract infection. I stopped feeding the Urinary S/O 6 months ago, as the cat loved the commercial food more. Now, I understand and learnt my lesson."

The owners will continue feeding this cat the Urinary S/O which acidifies the urine, preventing urinary tract infection.This cat owner loves his cat very much and will take the trouble and expense to find a cat vet he has confidence in, no matter how distant is his clinic.


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