Monday, October 1, 2018

3304. Travel Stories. Australia - The Labrador Retriever "woofed" instead of barking normally - laryngeal paralysis

Oct 1, 2018

Met a happy couple Mr and Mrs Paul Neisen at the closed on Monday Palace. My group was deciding whether to tour the Palace. The option was to go to the other one which was open today till 6.30pm. Had a good talk with Paul. I learnt that his 10-year-old Lab Retriever was diagnose with laryngeal paralysis as the dog could only "woof" when barking. Cause could be deficiency of thyroid hormone (tested normal in this dog) or idiopathic.  Cost him a few thousand to do the tests. He googled and found that this is a rare condition but Labradors are most commonly affected with this condition which I have not encountered in Singapore.

The old dog was in agility test and had anterior cruciate ligament repair (tibial transpositioning) costing $4,000. Dog insurance in Australia is $600 per year for 50% insurance payout.


The wife is a podiatrist and is a partner in
Cox and Nielsen Podiatry in Brisbane.
Said "The Foot Doctors" have a branch in Singapore.

Mr Neisen works in IT and volunteers with a peace organisation which is low profile. Has a branch in Singapore. Membership $10 per year. Visiting each member overseas for 2 nights will need a letter of introductioon and $50 payment. Now mainly older generation as members.

Travellers who communicate get to know each other and learn more as in this case for me referring to dog medical conditions. 

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