Tuesday, September 25, 2018

3293. Moon photography

41. Moon photography

May 5, 2018

Amateur Photography  Dec 2, 2017
Technique: Capture the supermoon

Kit List
1.  Long lens  300mm and above. This is where APS-C or Micro Four Thirds come in useful
2.  PhotoPills app  - moon rise times, milky way star trail shoots. visit photopills.com
3. Warm clothes
4. Raw processing software. The moon is incredibly bright. Software bring back detail from the highlights and bring up shadows for a perfect supermoon photo.

Moon is very bright in a black sky. Use spot metering. Moon is best slightly under exposed than overexposed. Turn of AF. Set Manual Focus.

1. Good timing (no haze). Early morning or twilight hours
2. Tripod needed. (camera shake)
3. Telephoto lens 200mm or longer (400 - 500 mm recommended to magnify the moon).
Purchase teleconverter to double zoom capacity.

6. Use Sunny 16 rule (basic daylight exposure)
    e.g. ISO 100, f16 1/125 sec  - image if too dark, use
         f/11 or f8.  e.g. ISO 200, f11, 1/125
7. Manual focus (or live view)
8. Timer
9. Experiment with WB  e.g. AWB (moon is white), Daylight WB (moon is yellow).

10. Use App to get moon times

My moon images
at 7am  May 5, 2018 (Saturday)

5am  May 5, 2018

Sep 27, 2018 Moon photography on reaching home and at 7.30am.
3 days after mid-Autumn Festival
135mm, hand-held, no tripod

Can see a canine face in the drifting clouds


7.30am  Using 135mm lens, hand held, no tripod


Feb 22, 2019   9 am  moon

Another original image

I used new camera
EFS 18-200mm lens
P mode

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