Thursday, September 13, 2018

3285. INTERN. A Shih Tzu Cross suffers from itchy paws, ears, body and tail for many years

Singapore is a busy metropolis. Over 80% of the residents live in high rises and their hectic life styles may mean less time to bring their pets to the vets for skin disease reviews as in this case.

Sep 13, 2018
The old couple remembered consulting me many years ago.

For many years, the dog scratches and licks his body and paws

As the dog had not recovered from the chronic itchiness after consulting the other vets, the owners consulted me.

1. Clipping bald in generalised skin diseases is important, to get rid of infected hairs and expose the skin surface for shampooing. Some vets may refer the clipping to the groomer.
2. Hyperpigmentation (black skin) is a sign of long-standing scratching and licking of the skin, causing the skin to blacken and thicken. 
3. Monthly skin disease reviews are needed, but many owners do not return for reviews.  

1.  Skin diseases need monthly reviews and follow-ups. Do make time for your sick pet.
2.  Ears and anal sacs are frequently infected in many cases of skin diseases.

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