Saturday, September 8, 2018

3267. INTERN. The male cat cannot pee again. Urethral obstruction

Sunday Sep 9, 2018. DSH, MN, 8 years old

Sole cat in household. Stressed by new litter box and litter? Also moved house in Aug 2017.
Past 2 days, dysuria and pollakiuria (abnormal frequent urination). Today, I palpated distended bladder, the size of an orange. Need urinary catherisation. Does not want X-ray and blood test today. Urine test is mandatory this time to check for crystals.

Normal saline syringed to dislodge sand in mid-urethra. Irrigated bladder with 20 ml saline 5 x.
IV drip. Baytril antibiotics.

Dec 14, 2017 for dysuria. Blood test - low platelet. Recovered next day.

Sep 19, 2016. Urinary catherisation. Recovered. Blood test - low platelet. Advised feline C/D but not

                                            Urinary catheterisation to irrigate the bladder and suck out the sand

Dipstick evidence - pH 8, alkaline urine favours bacterial growth as compared to acidic urine.

Owner did not want blood test or X-ray

Explain X-ray of 2 years ago - no urinary stones
Blood test done on 2nd visit - pH alkaline

Prevent alkaline urine production. This alkalinity favours bacterial growth as compared to acidic urine. Special diet Feline C/D or feed canned food only. NO other dry pellets other than C/D.

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