Wednesday, August 29, 2018

3255. INTERN. A speedy young Roborovski has a hole in his chin

Aug 29, 2018


Itchy lower chin, hair loss and inflamed skin. A big scab is seen. 



Singapore is a modern city of around 6 million residents including foreigners. Over 80% of the residents live in apartments.

Most of the younger generation has access to the internet and are internet savvy.  They surf the net for specific information about their pet's health, take note of adverse comments of service providers in forums and seek the veterinarian who can help their pet.   

The young lady of a Roborovski dwarf hamster around 6 months of age noticed a scab and scratched area of the left chin and neck. She surfed the internet and consulted me today, August 29, 2018.

The Roborovski hamster is a very energetic like a speeding car. So I had to anaeshesize her to do a proper examination and treatment. I took images of pre- and post-treatment for the young lady so she could understand the seriousness of the jaw abscess and infections of her young hamster. The images are as follows:

Before treatment

After removal of the scab, drainage of the pus and clearance of the debri.

Jaw bone is exposed and may not be infected. Upper front teeth overgrew to become longer and deviated. They were trimmed

Early detection by the young lady owner resulted in early treatment. This was effective in preventing further spread of pus under the skin and into the neck muscles as in an earlier case of a Syrian hamster with large left lower jaw abscess.

This case is recorded at Blog No. 3235

Bacterial infection of the lower incisor roots into the jaw bone causing abscess of the jaw bone
in this Syrian hamster


Good images pre- and post-treatment educate the younger educated pet owner as she cannot be present during the operation. They instill confidence in the veterinary practice.

The images were taken in this video were created with my Canon EOS 70D and EFS 18-135 mm lens, Program mode and Auto focus.  Digital photography is an excellent skill and enable the vet to communicate better with the clients. 

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