Monday, August 6, 2018

3223. Travel Stories. Motherhood has its rewards

When the adult child is grown up, he or she makes a caring loving travel companion

Suntec City  Sun Aug 5, 2018

"The family of 3 were fast with their chopsticks, like Hungry Ghosts" Linda narrated about her tour with EU Holidays. "By the time, the others at the dining table realise it, the leftover food for 10 was insufficient! Fortunately, the Boston Lobster was served one lobster to each person!"

This was a Chinese Restaurant in the US or Canada. Dishes come as a plate for all. In some tables, the food was insufficient if some took more than their fair share.

"The Indonesian family at the other table offered us their excess food,"Linda laughed. The tour manager had to order more food later. Otherwise, this table of travellers would be most unhappy!    

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