Monday, July 30, 2018

3217. Book publishing

July 31, 2018

1. ST Facebook group features feel-good stories.

Celebrates kind acts, uplifting news.
Share good news, acts of kindness, sweet dessert or sweet deal, new park you like, an old building you miss. Closed group. Member must elaborate on what they hope to experience as a member and keep interactions civil (no personal attacks, spamming, vulgar language, sexual, anti-copyright contents).

2. Entrepreneur's magazine "Inspiring Stories" of business people at back page.

3. The Art Culture Group promotes love of art sessions.

1. Investors - Board of Directors - Office rentals and salary, share holders
2. CEO - Administrator - Chief Editor, Budget, business plans
3. Marketing - Clients who wants to self-publish (vanity publishing), best-sellers, book fairs
4. Development - Ghost-writers - e-books on Kindle, Amazon, printed copies on Createspace

1. Autobiography - inspiring stories of founding businesses or professions, legacy for children of struggles to make a living.

2. Be Kind books - Be kind to pets, Be kind to strays

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