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**3205. A one-year-old rabbit has a "pointed" nose - rabbit scabies cases 2013 - 2018

July 19, 2018

"Several rabbits are suffering from a new rabbit disease nowadays" the pet shop owner told me that a vet could not diagnose and treat these sick rabbits. "A couple had died after 2 months! Could it be viral diseases?"

 The owner had returned one such rabbit to her for disposal. She showed me the rabbit's nose which resembled a minaiture rhinocercos horn. "This is a case of rabbit scabies," I said. "The crusts accumulated to form a thick pointed nose. Look at the ear edges, paws and around the eyelids. There are crusts too. Can you see them?"

"Are you sure it is scabies?"
"Yes, I am 90% sure," I replied. "A skin scraping of the crusted skin will show the mites under the microscope."

She gave me the rabbit to be treated for free, saying,  "Don't return to me!"
The rabbit is confirmed scabies by skin scraping being positive for mites.

Day 1

Day 5

Toa Payoh Vets videos of rabbit scabies

Scabies in a Giant Flemish rabbit

3 rabbit scabies cases in Toa Payoh Vets

Final Video: The Lemon Law and rabbit scabies
Final Video: The Lemon Law and rabbit scabies

A 3-year-old Sheltie has crusty ears

A 2-month-old rabbit has scabies - insecticide wash

A 3-month-old rabbit has crusty ears - lst ivomectin injection

A 3-month-old rabbit has less crusty ears - 2nd ivomectin injection

2018. (this webpage)
Chronic rabbit scabies. Ivomectin injection SC 0.2 ml given
"There is a new rabbit disease. The rabbit has pointed nose!" the pet shop owner said.



Day 23 after ivomectin injection 0.2ml SC  (Aug 13, 2018)
No crusts on ear edges, eyelids, nose, paws, scrotal area

On Day 21, a 2nd ivomectin 0.2 ml was given SC as there were very few crusts on the ear edges.
Normally 2 injections 2 weeks apart are advised.


Original unedited files of Day 23

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