Wednesday, June 13, 2018

3171. Travel Stories: Every man for himself

Jun 12, 2108   Frankfurt Airport

My connecting flight from Frankfurt to Singapore would leave in 8 minutes. I was at Gate A17 after a delayed flight from Stockholm to Frankfurt. The Frankfurt official told the 80-year-old woman in the wheel chair that the plane parked at Gate Z84 would have left by the time we reach there. Our tour manager told us to proceed.

So, it was every man for himself! The younger in their 30s sprinted. One fell prone but was not injured. The son pushed the wheel chaired mother as if he was being attacked by wolves. I did not sprint as I knew from past experience that my heart would not stand this sudden over-exertion.

From others, I learnt that this mad sprint to the distant Z84 terminal to fly to Singapore is a common occurrence to many passengers!


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