Tuesday, May 22, 2018

3161. Myanmar stories: May 22, 2018 visit to Peninsula Plaza - images

Peninsula Plaza was buzzing with crowds of Myanmar people daily some 5 years ago. Many employment and travel agencies, money remittance and supporting services did a thriving business.
Nowadays, there is little foot traffic during weekdays as the government clamp down on recruitment of foreigners.

Many Myanmar recruitment agencies have closed down.
Only on weekends will there be some crowds nowadays

Flowers are bought to place on altars of Buddhas. Shop has existed for many years
Myanmar provisions

A smaller provision shop in existence for many years

Aung San Su Kyi (picture, top right) is well loved by most Myanmar people

Some shops sell the Singapore Big Sweep

New money changer opens shop

Sells tickets only

Bigger travel agency with more services

Logistic company caters to those who want to send goods to Myanmar.
No foot traffic during weekdays nowadays

Many successful Myanmar ladies with degrees now work for large companies
and live in Singapore to enjoy the city life.
The longyi dress is part of Myanmar culture

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