Sunday, May 13, 2018

3153. A 4-year-old Spitz loves to eat. High total cholesterol

Sat May 12, 2018
Ref: 45856

The mother and son brought the 4-year-old female spayed Spitz for the annual vaccination. The dog was overweight at 18.2 kg. Body Condition Score 7/9.

The mother was advised to feed R/D but the dog was not slowly introduced to R/D."Give 10% of total amount of food (pork + rice) per day during the first week, then increase to 15% and so on for the following weeks." 

The son bought pre-cooked food from which the Spitz loved to eat."The company is HSA certified," he told me. The dog is fed 40g 2x per day. However, she is overweight.

"It is best to do the health screening by a blood test," I advised. "The last was done last year."
 The owners did not think a blood test was useful.

Total cholesterol*  8.20 mmol/L  (3-6.6)
Triglycerides        1.19 mmol/L (0.33 - 3.27)


Ref 50424
I had a 14-year-old male neutered Golden Retriever on the same day. The owner was worried as the dog kept sneezing and had coughing for 2 days. Possibly a kennel cough as the dog was not vaccinated.

Total cholesterol  5.40 mmol/L  (3-6.6)
Triglycerides        0.98 mmol/L (0.33 - 3.27)

Eye skin bald due to eye rubbing on the floor.
Bad breath
Ears clean but had been given oil by owner. 

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