Wednesday, May 2, 2018

3145.Ear Surgery. A poodle's right ear keep discharging pus every few days for one year. Lateral ear canal resection

May 2, 2018

"I have been to several vets," the senior citizen told me today. "They prescribed steroidal antibiotic ear drops, but the ear infection returned again after a few days." He is tired of cleaning up the right ear. "No more vets," he told me. "I used cocconut oil and water to clean the ear for the past one year!"

He had surfed the internet. He chanced upon Toa Payoh Vets video of an ear surgery to resolve this problem effectively, but he did not tell me at the time of consultation.

The only solution is to do ear surgery called Lateral Ear Canal Resection so that the floppy ear of this 10-year-old poodle can get ventilation and drainage. The dog was operated today at 1pm and went home at 6pm as the owner missed his dog if he was hosptialised for nursing.

Surprisingly, there was a horizontal ear canal tumour about 5mm x 10mm inside the horizontal canal. That accounted for the obstructed ventilation and drainage. A rare case as most ear tumours are in the vertical ear canal. "This is the first case I had seen," I told the owner who did not want histology to determine the cancer status of the tumour.

Below is the two videos of the case study.

Follow up on Mar 9, 2019
The owner has no complaints after the surgery

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