Friday, April 27, 2018

3139. Second opinion. A 20-year-old red-eared slider had been lethargic and eat less for 2 months. Why?

April 27, 2018

A young man surfed the net.
The first clinic came out top and he went there. X-rays were done by Vet 1 and nothing abnormal was discovered. Treatment was given by injection in the backside of frusemide and calcium by the vet and then by him for next few days.

On the 3rd day, the slider still did not eat. He surfed the net and found Toa Payoh Vets.
The first vet had diagnosed oedema.  

The condition is serious. Swelling of the neck and 4 paws would be due to failure of one or all of the following organs - heart, liver or kidneys.

I proposed hospitalisation of 10 days to syringe feed critical care, medication electrolytes and multivitamins as the owner could not do it.

The neck swelling was aspirated and found to be clear fluid on the left neck area and bloody fluid on the right neck area.

A normal 3-year-old (left) compared to a 21-year-old red-eared slider with neck and paw edema (swelling)

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