Thursday, April 26, 2018

3136. Email query on cat pyometra treatment costs

EMAIL TO DR SING   April 26, 2015

Hi ! 

We have a 1 yr old female cat that  has not been sterilised yet. 

We intend to sterilise her and has been to a vet but  the vet is not able to proceed with the surgery as they told us there is a discharge from out cat vagina. 
The vet advice us to bring our cat to other vets where we can afford the cost which most likely will be $1k plus or more. Unless if the vet accept payment in instalment. 
We googled to find more abt pyometra. And understand it can be life threatening. 

Our female cat have been on heat twice. Only recently before her sterilised appointment , we notice the discharge. 

So we have read through from internet  and most likely she could be having Pyometra. 
There is no blood from the discharge but it is whitish and at times a pale pink in color. 
Her appetite is normal  & still plays around. Didnt show any lethargic , lose appetite or frequent trips to the litter. 
May we know the estimation for the surgery , treatment ? And must our cat stayed overnight in your clinic after the surgery? 
Hope to hear from you soonest. 
Thank you.
Best regards,
Name of owner

Estimated costs around $500 - $700 for surgery, treatment, IV drip, medicaton and hospitalisation for 3 days.

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