Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3400. A breeder asks for quotations

Mar 13, 2018

"My pet shop is just round the corner," the seasoned and grim breeder saw me visiting this veterinary clinic. "I wish to know how much you charge for vaccination.". The breeder wanted the quotation and if it is cheaper, he would switch business to this clinic. The other clinic was further and charged $10.00 per dog for vaccination. Alas, the price was higher and so he thanked the receptionist.

"I know the breeder for some 12 years ago," I told Laila. "He wants the lowest prices and not how much time your vet would spend examining the puppy before vaccination.  I had to travel to his pet shop to vaccinate 10 puppies for $100. It took me over an hour to go to his shop and back. Later, he switched to another vet!". I had no more contact with this pet shop operator and breeder for over 10 years, although at one time, I went to his shop to vaccinate the puppies almost every 2 weeks.

"Now, the government has tightened regulations," the breeder said. "All puppies must be microchipped and reported to the AVA, including those from Caesarean sections! Puppies can only be sold at 3 months of age."

"Do you buy puppies from home breeders?" I asked.
"No, as the AVA wants to know the dams of the puppies!".  
So home-breeders nowadays have to quit or sell themselves.  

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