Tuesday, March 6, 2018

3390. Emergency Caesarean - judgment of breeder

Feb 7, 2018  2 am

I was not asleep. A phone call came in around 2 pm. Breeder wanted an emergency C-section.
Corgi, 3 years. A dead pup was born at 10 pm yesterday. No more. Breeder gave 0.5 ml of oxytocin. Nothing. So he called me.

Dead pups x 2. (One big one had placenta wrapped around it. The small one had no water bag).
Live ones x 4 (see image).
Each Corgi pup is selling at least $5,000. So he lost 3/7 puppies, worth $15,000!


Sky at 4 am was hazy orange as seen outside Toa Payoh Vets
The Corgi had previous C-section as long fibrous scar on abdominal skin was seen. Also, the uterine body had a large area of congested red patch from previous C-section.

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